windows-10-update-doneAh, Windows 10. Just how far can this particular version of Microsoft’s operating system able to go? Pretty far, it seems. In fact, while we know that the Windows 10 encryption key could be stashed in the cloud, here we are with word that Windows 10 is now powering more than 200 million devices worldwide as we begin to bid goodbye to 2015. In fact, just a couple of months back, it was cited that Windows 10 has actually passed the 110 million installations mark. In other words, it does point to the very real possibility that another 90 million installs have been racked up in just the past two months alone, and if one were to look at the bigger picture, it means that it hit the grand total to 200 million installs within five months.


If one were to take an average count, it would be equal to an estimated 40 million installs every single month. Microsoft has the target of hitting one billion installs within three years of Windows 10’s release, and this is still a very doable goal assuming the rate of adoption continues as it is at the moment. Of course, when Windows 10 is no longer offered as a free upgrade to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users as July 2016 rolls around, it could prove to be a stumbling block.

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