redstarWe learnt last year that North Korea was developing an operating system of their own. It is based on Linux and it is dubbed Red Star OS. For obvious reasons the platform isn’t available outside of North Korea, but according to a report from Reuters, it seems that a couple of German researchers managed to get their hands on and took a look under its hood.

Right now privacy is a big issue in many parts of the world and there are debates as to whether governments should be allowed to spy on their own citizens. Turns out that over in North Korea this is a non-issue because according to the researchers, they found that Red Star OS has no privacy for the user whatsoever.

Basically each file within Red Star OS has been marked individually. This means that the North Korean government will be able to see exactly who viewed what file, when they viewed that file, if there have been any modifications made, and so on. Trying to smuggle documents out of the country? The government will know.

Trying to hide emails or files from your bosses? The government will know, basically like we said there is zero privacy whatsoever. Then again it shouldn’t really come as a surprise. In fact North Korea isn’t the only country building its own OS. Over in China, they have attempted similar software creations, and recently they have even proposed building their own smartphone and smartphone software but relying completely on Chinese suppliers.

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