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It was confirmed a few weeks back that the Gear S2 will soon get support for AT&T’s NumberSync feature which enables users to share one cell number across multiple devices. Today the Gear S2 has received support for this feature which means that the smartwatch can now be used to make and receive phone calls or send and receive text messages with the same phone number that’s used on your smartphone, even if you’ve forgotten the smartphone at home.

NumberSync works independent of Bluetooth so even if you leave the smartphone behind when you for a run or just forget it at home, you can keep connected with the same number you normally use via the Gear S2.

Gear S2 owners are going to receive a new software update on AT&T today which is going to enable this feature. Users will also find that a single voicemail inbox will be used for both their smartphone and Gear S2, and that they will be able to access messages from either devices with items being marked as read automatically being synchronized across devices.

To boost the adoption of its NumberSync feature AT&T is also starting a new promotion today. It’s offering the Gear S2 smartwatch for $99.99 with a new two year contract, customers will be required to subscribe to a Mobile Share Value plan worth at least $30 for a new plan or $10 add to an existing plan to take advantage of this promotion.

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