samsung logoThere are many tech companies who are expanding into the automotive industry, like Google who has been developing self-driving vehicles. Even Apple got into the automotive game by launching Carplay, and if the rumors are to be believed, they are also working on an electric/self-driving car of their own too.

That being a report from Reuters has revealed that Samsung apparently wants in on the automotive business as well. Given that Samsung makes all kinds of products ranging from televisions to hi-fi systems, to fridges, washing machines, smartphones, tablets, displays, memory, processors, and etc., we suppose expanding to the car market isn’t surprising.

However before you think that Samsung will start making their own cars, that’s not the case here. According to Samsung, it seems that their interest is more towards creating car components. The company will be putting together a team to explore creating products like in-car entertainment systems, satellite navigation, and self-driving technology.

The team is also expected to work with other divisions in the Samsung group, so perhaps there might be some kind of tie-in with Samsung smartphones and Samsung in-car entertainment units and so on. No word on when we might be able to expect Samsung to debut new car-related products, but it should be worth keeping an eye out for.

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