samsung camera patentOne of the advantages to modular smartphones is that you can swap out components as needed. For example if you don’t like the camera on your phone, you can swap it out for another with more megapixels, different aperture, different zoom, and etc. But what if you don’t want a modular smartphone? What if all you want is to change camera lenses?

The good news is that Samsung might have something in the works. According to recent Samsung patents discovered by, it has revealed that Samsung could be working on a smartphone in which its camera lens could be interchangeable. As you can see in the diagrams, basically the camera portion of the phone could be removed and potentially swapped for a different set of lenses.

This is versus current systems where users have to attach an extra lens on the phone if they want macro, fisheye, zoom, wide-angle, and so on. This solution would be much less bulky but at the same time, it could potentially be a lot more expensive than say buying an Olloclip. That being said, this is only a patent so there’s no way of telling if Samsung will bring this to life.

However Samsung in the past has explored the idea of smartphones with above average cameras, like the Galaxy K zoom from last year, but what do you guys think? Is this a patent you’d like to see made a reality?

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