samsung smart tv iotIs it truly necessary to be able to control things like locks, lights, and coffee machines remotely? We suppose it is useful but whether or not they are a necessity remains up for debate, but either way it certainly does look like we could be headed for that kind of future. The good news is that Samsung wants to be truly prepared for it in 2016.


The company has recently announced that in 2016, their entire smart TV lineup will be connected with their SmartThings platform. For those unfamiliar, SmartThings is an IoT hub that Samsung purchased back in 2014. Prior to this, users needed a SmartThings hub connected to the home network for it to work, but now with the integration with Samsung’s smart TVs, users should be able to control SmartThings-compatible devices via their TV.

According to Alex Hawkinson, CEO and Co-founder of SmartThings, “With Samsung Smart TVs working with the SmartThings technology, we have an opportunity to reach millions of households. Applying this technology into current household devices is a major step forwards that will make it much easier for everyone to experience the benefits of a smart home.”

That being said, all of this will depend on whether or not you actually purchase a Samsung smart TV, but if you are considering making the shift from a regular TV to a smart TV then this is a feature that could be worth looking forward to in 2016.

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