Image credit - Google Operating System Blog

Image credit – Google Operating System Blog

More often than not we turn to Google’s image search results when trying to look for particular images online, and sometimes we also like to save those images we find onto our phone. However unless you’re really meticulous about organizing your images, chances are eventually that image will get lost in a sea of photos and pictures as time goes on.

However it seems that Google has come up with a way for you to better manage your Google image search results. Basically with this new feature, you will be able to save your Google image search results. By “save” we don’t mean you save the actual picture, but more like the link to the search result.

Now we know that it isn’t that hard to copy and paste links, but this effectively puts your collection of links in the cloud, thus allowing you to access them anytime you want. As you can see in the screenshot above, there is now an option for users to “save” an image search result, and there will also be a special place in which your saved results are stored collectively.

From there, users will also be able to add tags and whatnot to help make organizing and searching for images easily. This feature is only available for mobile users on iOS and Android using either Chrome or Safari, and it is currently limited to those living in the US.

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