There’s a news item that’s making the rounds on social media and has got quite a lot of people excited. The report claimed that Sega was gearing up to release a new “PC-console hybrid” in the coming year. If that got your hopes up then I apologize for being the bearer of bad news, but the bit about Sega Dreamcast 2 launch isn’t true at all.

Dreamcast 2 has been at the top of Facebook’s Trending Topics list throughout the entire day, and since more than a billion people use Facebook, the incorrect report about Sega got more traction than it should have.

Sega left the hardware business some 15 years ago and it doesn’t have plans to return with the Dreamcast 2. The news report is actually based on a petition started by a group of Sega fans who hope to convince the company to release a limited edition of the Dreamcast that supports HD.

Even the organizers of this campaign say that they have yet to get in touch with Sega, they haven’t even pitched this idea to the company yet, but that didn’t stop social media from making it seem that new Sega hardware was just around the corner.

It’s too soon to say right now whether or not Sega will give into their demands, or at least try to reason with them, for all we know the company may not want even want to talk about this matter. At least one thing is for sure though, you don’t need to start saving up for a Sega Dreamcast 2.

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