Soon after enabling hashtags, which were undoubtedly made popular on the internet by Twitter, Facebook announced that it will soon start testing trending topics. At first the test was being conducted on a very small scale, trending topics were only available to U.S. users and that too through the Facebook mobile website. It has now rolled out the trending topics box on the main website’s homepage News Feed “to a small percentage of U.S. users.”

A Facebook spokeswoman has said that the feature is currently in early stages of development, adding that the social network will disclose more details if it plans on rolling out the feature to more users. As of now the trending topics box appears on the upper right hand corner on the main website, putting topics that are generating buzz across Facebook upfront, thus allowing users to easily know what’s trending at a glance. Clicking on a particular topic will reveal what a user’s friends and the general public is saying about it, the topic may relate to personalities or different subject matters. Trending topics make it quite easy for users to join in conversations taking place at a global scale, the results are evident on Twitter. Will they be able to command a similar following on Facebook? Lets wait and see. [Image via CNET]

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