star warsGiven the popularity of the original Star Wars trilogy, it isn’t surprising that The Force Awakens would be so hyped up, especially considering that it has been at least a decade since the last Star Wars movie. For those who might be worried that the movie would flop, you can rest assured that it hasn’t.

According to the numbers, it seems that Star Wars: The Force Awakens has managed to become the fastest movie to rake in $1 billion. How long did they take? It seems that worldwide the movie managed to pull in $1 billion in just 12 days of it being released to fans all over the world!

Prior to this, the previous record holder was Universal’s Jurassic World which managed to hit $1 billion in 13 days, so it looks like Star Wars managed to beat it by a hair. Disney went on to add that The Force Awakens also managed to post the best Christmas Day box office sales in history with $49.3 million.

However it seems that if The Force Awakens hopes to break the box office record held by James Cameron’s Avatar, they still quite a way to go. Avatar, released back in 2009, holds the record for total global box office sales at close to $2.8 billion. US sales were also at $721 million while The Force Awakens is currently at $544.6 million, but what do you guys think? Could The Force Awakens overtake Avatar?

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