If you have a pair of headphones, there is a good chance you also have a device like an MP3 player or a smartphone that you can play your music with, watch videos, or listen to podcasts. However sometimes you’d rather not deal with the cable or bring a separate device, so what can you do?

If that sounds like a first-world problem to have, you might be interested to learn about a pair of headphones called Streamz. These headphones are self-contained meaning that they will not require a phone or a media player to work. This also means that technically they are wireless because all the necessary components are baked into the headphone itself, as you can see in the video above.

The headphones are powered by Android and will sport a 128×128 OLED display with a keypad panel, thus allowing you to access its features and functions. Because it runs Android, it means that you can use streaming services like Pandora and Spotify, as well as stream from over 150 Chromecast apps thanks to its built-in WiFi.

In the past other companies like Sony have released their own self-contained headphones, but nothing as complex as this. Unfortunately availability has been set for March 2016 meaning that you will have to wait a bit. The Streamz headphones are expected to be priced at $400 and will make its debut at CES 2016.

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