cochin-airport-solar-CIALEnergy sources like coal and gas are limited because there is only so much of it in the whole world. This is why these days there is a greater emphasis placed on renewable energy like wind, water, and sun, where we won’t have to consume anything in order to generate energy. However a small town in North Carolina has a completely different idea.


Over in Woodland, North Carolina, a report from the Roanoke-Chowan News Herald has revealed that the town council had rejected the proposal to rezone a portion of the town’s land into a solar farm. Now the question is, why would anyone reject the idea of a solar farm? Apparently this is because some local residents believed that a solar farm would end up sucking up all the sunlight.

Obviously that is not how it works, but apparently that’s the idea that some local residents have, like that of Jane Mann who is a retired science teacher who said that the solar farm would prevent nearby plants from growing. It seems that Mann is under the impression that a solar farm would steal the sunlight, thus preventing photosynthesis from taking place.

There was also the belief by Mann that apparently solar panels could possibly cause cancer, or at least she wanted proof that the panels did not cause cancer, which we guess isn’t really the same thing. Turns out that their “fears” of the solar farm were so great that not only did the proposal get rejected, but the council eventually voted on a moratorium on future solar farm projects in the area.

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