new_verizon_logoAccording to recent reports, it has been suggested that Yahoo might be interested in selling off some of its web products, such as Yahoo Mail. Given that Yahoo has been around for a very long time now, safe to say that if that were to happen it would certainly mark the end of a very long era.


But the question is, who might be interested in acquiring Yahoo’s web products? Interestingly enough a report from Bloomberg has revealed that it could be none other than Verizon. The carrier’s CFO Fran Shammo recently did an interview with Bloomberg in which he revealed that Verizon was open to the idea.

According to Shammo, “If we see there is a strategic fit and it makes sense for our shareholders and we can return value, I mean we’ll look at it, but at this point it’s way too premature to talk about that one.” Note that Shammo does not confirm that Verizon will acquire Yahoo’s business, but rather he has stated that this is an avenue that Verizon is willing to explore should the opportunity come up.

Earlier this year Verizon snapped up AOL for $4.4 billion, so the idea of the carrier acquiring Yahoo’s web business isn’t unprecedented or that much of a stretch, but what do you guys think? Will Yahoo be a good fit for Verizon?

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