windows-10-mobile-store-downloadIt is always a nice and good thing to have the latest and greatest version of whatever software or operating system that you are using for a particular device or machine – and for those of you out there who are rocking to a Windows Phone 8.1 device, you might want to sit up and take notice. Basically, Microsoft made an announcement concerning updates for Windows 10 Mobile for older devices – apparently it will not be released before Christmas arrives as it is set to roll out from “early next year”, according to ZDNet.

In the past, Microsoft did mention that Lumia devices that had Windows Phone 8.1 running on it would start to be on the receiving end of the Windows 10 update some time this month. It does not look too likely now, taking into consideration how we are already halfway through the month, and hence the time frame change has been shifted.

There was no mention of the reason for such a switch, and the new timeline is not as detailed as the older one, which would certainly raise its fair share of eyebrows – as “early next year” is certainly vague in nature. So far, we also do not have a full and complete list of all the Lumias that will pick up the Windows 10 update, other than the list released in July, so keep your fingers crossed!

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