fixstars ssdBack in the day when SSDs weren’t as common as they are today, they came in really small storage sizes and cost a tiny fortune. These days SSDs are still expensive compared to regular HDDs, but they are considerably more affordable, especially considering that they have also increased in storage capacity.

That being said, if you’re looking for an SSD that goes above and beyond, you might be interested to learn that a company by the name of Fixstars has launched what can only be described as the world’s biggest SSD with storage capacities available in both 13TB and 10TB options, and in 2.5-inch sizes as well, meaning that they’ll fit into your computer just fine.

If you’re wondering why Fixstars sounds familiar, it is because back in 2015 they launched the world’s first 6TB SSD, so it looks like they are back again with another world-first. As for the specs of the SSDs, they will both offer read speeds of up to 540MB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 520MB/s.

There is also a built-in temperature control system to ensure that heat is managed to prevent any damage to the drive. As for pricing, obviously it won’t come cheap as it is said that the 13TB model will retail for an eye-watering $13,000 and is expected to begin shipping by the end of next month. Safe to say that this is probably not for your average consumer.

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