pitbullDogs are a man’s best friend – or so the saying goes, and there has been many different kinds of case studies and examples where such pooches have done their bit in keeping their human masters safe. Here is yet another situation – where a three-legged Wisconsin pit bull known as Levi assisted in foiling a robbery, even though the would-be robber was armed with a gun. Levi began to bark at the intruder, where he continued to bark at the would-be robber, who told his mistress, Darcy Cherry, as well as her boyfriend, to remain on the ground while asking for money. Levi’s barking drove the would-be robber to fire his gun at the dog while fleeing from the situation.

Thankfully, the bullet missed Levi’s vital organs, where it brushed Levi’s head, but ended up stuck in his shoulder. It is nice to hear that Levi will recover in due time, and his barking managed to scare off the robber, so the house and its occupants ended up not missing anything.

Pretty brave for a 15-year-old dog, don’t you think so? After losing his leg a couple of years back when he fell off a path during one of his hikes with the family, it does not look as though the loss of a limb affected his courage levels.

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