whatsyappDogs are a man’s best friend, or so we have been told. Well, if a 3-legged pit bull can help to foil a robbery simply by barking, imagine what can happen in the future if we could actually understand what your pooch was barking about. This is one dog collar that intends to function in the same way that the dog collar in the Disney Pixar film “Up”, where it will need the help of an app known as WhatsYapp. Yup, we saw what the developers did there…

This real-life dog collar will hopefully be able to do a good job in translating your pooch’s barks into human speech, and it does so not by pulling out random statements so that you do not know any better, but rather, by making an analysis of your dog’s sounds, movements and activities, before transmitting this data to an app known as WhatsYapp.

WhatsYapp will have the task of breaking down the data and deciphering it, so that you can then understand in plain English just what that series of barks were all about. Do you think that this is one device that can be scientifically proven to work, or will it be a fad instead?

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