ios_9_adoptionAccording to last month’s figures, iOS 9’s adoption was sitting at 70%. However it looks like in the past month or so, it has since an increase where iOS 9 is now running on 3 out of 4 iOS devices. This is according to the Apple Developer support page (via MacRumors) in which it revealed that 75% of iOS devices are now running on iOS 9.

However in terms of being adopted, it has been suggested that iOS 9 is starting to slow down, although to be fair it has done a pretty good job of outpacing the likes of iOS 8. While iOS 7 did grow faster (it hit 74% last year in December), iOS 9 was actually adopted a lot faster out the door at 50% in its first month, leading Apple to call it the fastest iOS adoption ever.

That being said, iOS 9 did come with its fair share of bugs and issues that could have potentially impacted its adoption, since some users will probably wait for the bugs to be addressed before installing it on their devices. In any case, the next major update to iOS 9 comes in the form of iOS 9.3 in which Apple has begun seeding the beta to developers.

iOS 9.3 will bring about some major new features, such as Night Shift mode which helps users sleep better at night by adjusting its display. There is also support for Touch ID in the Notes app, thus making your notes more secure and removing your need to rely on third-party alternatives. There is also multi-user support for the iPad, although the feature will be limited to the education sector, but it is possible it may eventually make its way to the general public.

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