ipad_multi_userThe idea that a smart device like a phone or tablet that supports more than one user isn’t that much of a stretch. In fact, in the past, we have seen companies like Apple patent similar ideas for iOS, and we have also heard similar rumblings that Apple could bring such a feature to iOS way back in 2012.

That being said, it looks like the feature is finally here, sort of. Apple has launched a preview of iOS 9.3 and in that preview, they have revealed that iOS 9.3 will bring multi-user support onto the iPad, meaning that iPhone users won’t have access to this feature, at least not for now. As if that wasn’t enough, multi-user support will be limited to iPads used in schools and for education.

This means that if you share an iPad at home, multi-user support will not be available for you guys, which we have to admit is kind of a bummer. However the upside is that since the feature is now official, we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple were to eventually bring it onto the iPad and iPhone for the general public in future iOS updates, hopefully in iOS 10.

That being said, the feature will be pretty much like what you’d expect. According to Apple, “Thanks to intelligent caching, when students log in they don’t have to wait for everything to download — it’s already there.” Apart from the inclusion of multi-user support, iOS 9.3 will also sport a Night Shift mode that adjusts your display at night to help you sleep better, amongst other features.

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