concepter_soulIt’s ironic how technology is supposed to help connect us with people all over the world, but at the same time we end up neglecting the people closest to us. How many times have you come across situations where you see families out for dinner, only for everyone to have their eyes glued to the screen?

Chances are it has happened many times, but the folks at Concepter want you to start spending more time with each other and have since come up with a wearable that lets you do that. Dubbed the Soul, basically this is a small inconspicuous device that can be worn around your wrist that measures how long you’ve spent with a particular person, or groups of people.

The idea is that the other person will also be wearing the device, so together both of you can sort of log how many hours you’ve spent with each other. However if you’d rather not try and convince all your friends to invest in a $30 gadget, fret not because its accompanying app on iOS and Android will pretty much accomplish the same thing, minus the cool bling factor.

It’s an interesting idea, although it might seem a little creepy or odd, but hey if it helps your social life, why not? According to Concepter (the same folks behind gadgets like the iblazr), they plan on launching an Indiegogo campaign for the device before the end of the month, so keep an eye out for it if you’re interested.

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