Drones are all over the place these days, be it in our skies or in the news. Regardless, they have become so commonplace so much so that the FAA would require them to be registered, along with their owners, of course. This has certainly led to some food for thought, where Airbus has decided to come up with what it calls a ‘drone killer’ camera system that is capable of detecting UAVs that are in the vicinity, and upon detection, to disable them after that.

Sounds like a pretty cool piece of technology, don’t you think so? The camera and sensors will work in tandem to sweep large areas around the aircraft, and signals can then be ‘spoofed’ so that operators are able to hijack said UAV or drone. In addition to that, drones can also be jammed so that they stop functioning, and the system is also smart enough to figure out just where the drone is being controlled. Pretty scary when you think about it, especially when one applies it in a military situation, as a missile or rocket could then be sent in the direction of the drone’s operator to neutralize the enemy!

Operational radars, infrared cameras and direction finders from Airbus Defence and Space’s collection of inventions are part of this Counter-UAV system, with a range of 5km to 10km being cited.

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