Prior to the Consumer Electronics Show 2016, it was rumored that Google and Ford will be making an announcement to reveal that they are working together to make self-driving cars. That didn’t happen but the rumor is refusing to die out. It’s has been brought up again today and apparently both companies are still mulling over a potential partnership for developing smart cars for the future.

A partnership between the two companies would definitely make sense. Ford is very serious about self-driving cars so much so that it has built an entire fake city to test them. Google is serious about its autonomous driving technology as well and has already created its own cars.

The Wall Street Journal reports, citing “people familiar with the plans,” that this partnership is still very much being considered by Google and Ford. Apparently the car maker is going to look after software and systems for automotive components whereas Google will handle the brains behind the self-driving technology.

There’s nothing to suggest that the companies could make an announcement of their new partnership at the Detroit Auto Show even though that appears to be a very appropriate venue to make such an announcement.

Google and Ford have not yet even commented on these reports so take them with a grain of salt for now until we have official word from one or both companies.

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