There are plenty of VR headsets available in the market right now, everyone from Samsung to Chinese vendors are making them these days, and most of them cost under $99 unless you’re going for options like the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive. Over a year ago Google came out with a more affordable alternative and that was Cardboard. The company has announced today that it has now shipped more than 5 million Cardboard viewers.

Cardboard is a very simple viewer made out of cardboard, obviously, that allows anyone to experience virtual reality using their mobile device. It has even set up educational programs for kids where they take virtual field trips in the class itself by harnessing the power of Cardboard.

So far Google has shipped more than 5 million Cardboard viewers and it has also revealed that more than 25 million Cardboard-enabled apps have been installed from the Google Play Store, with 10 million of those installs coming in just the past two months. More than 350,000 hours of YouTube video has been watched in virtual reality so far.

Other interesting status include over 750,000 virtual reality photos taken with Cardboard Camera and students going on more than 500,000 virtual expeditions using this simple VR viewer.

Google is not going to stop here, it’s promising more projects that bring entertaining, creative and educational VR experiences to mobile in the near future.

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