hideotubeWith Hideo Kojima officially no longer working for or with Konami, safe to say that many gamers are excited to see what he will be up to next, although sadly it also means that we won’t be seeing him make any new Metal Gear titles in the future. Last we checked, Kojima launched his own studio called Kojima Productions.

Now it seems that Kojima has a possible new project in the works called HideoTube. This is according to a series of tweets by the man himself which shows him working on some kind of new video series. Unfortunately at this point in time, it is unclear as to what HideoTube is about and what kind of videos we might be able to expect.

However if we had to speculate, perhaps HideoTube could simply be Kojima documenting his process of creating his new game. Maybe it’ll also be him sharing news and updates and opinions about gaming in general. A tweet by Kojima’s assistant also revealed that they are looking for English subtitle volunteers for their video series.

In any case we guess until it is fully launched, it’s really anyone’s guess as to what it could be about, but fans of Kojima and his games might want to follow this one closely for the future.

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