human-brain-capacityIt has been said that the human brain is a truly powerful computer of its own, and it performs logical decisions that eliminates nonsensical options unlike a chess computer that will take into consideration of even the most impossible moves for a human to make. Apart from that, we have no way to gauge as to how much information can be stored in the human brain, but it seems that the latest research shows how the brain’s memory capacity is actually 10 times higher than expected.


This particular study was featured in the journal eLife, where it was conducted by Dr. Terry Sejnowski, Francis Crick professor and director of the Computational Neurobiology Laboratory at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. Having developed a 3D replica of a rat’s hippocampus with the help of a computer, a more thorough analysis of this brain region was performed, and through the tests, Dr. Terry Sejnowski has arrived at the conclusion that the older beliefs concerning the memory capacity of an average human being might need to be revisited – especially when synapses are a whole lot much more diverse as recently discovered.

We are looking at variations that normally usually occur by a margin of approximately 8%, which could be up to 26 kinds of synapses in reality, and this translates to the brain’s memory capacity being capable of being 10 times more than what we knew of before, and when translated to computing terms, it might be the equivalent of 1 petabyte, which is 1 million gigabytes.

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