[CES 2016] Right now at home, the best you could do for yourself to create a more immersive gaming experience would be getting a virtual reality headset, but what if you wanted to take things to the next level? The good news is that Immersit has something for you in the form of a furniture add-on that will change the way you play games.


So what is it? Basically this is an add-on, that according to Immersit will work with pretty much any standard couch or chair, that will react according to the game you are playing. So for example if you were to jump off a cliff in the game, the add-on will try and simulate that sensation with the couch you are sitting on.

It will also provide tactile feedback where you get to feel the car’s brakes and wheels on the ground if you were to play a racing game, and so on. We can only imagine that if you were to play a virtual reality game, this will take your immersion to whole new levels. The company is also boasting that their device can also detect what you are watching so that it can adapt itself according to the scene.

Unfortunately pricing was not mentioned, but Immersit is hoping that they will be able to release their add-on by the end of the year, which we suppose would allow gamers to use it with their brand new Oculus Rift headsets.

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