iPhone 4S ReviewWe all more or less know that there is going to be a new iPhone every single year, at least that has been the trend since 2008, but the question is, for how long can this trend keep up? While Apple did take the bold step of breaking away from their own convention with larger sized iPhones in recent times, it looks like there might be a possibility of a 4” iPhone making a comeback, where rumor has it that Apple’s new 4” iPhone will be known as the ‘iPhone 5se’, where it will have its design modeled in the same vein as that of the iPhone 5s.

Whispers of this 4” iPhone has been making their rounds ever since the iPhone 6 rolled out, but nothing concrete or consistent apart from the screen size has been made its way to newswires. Some claim that it will be as powerful as the current generation iPhone 6s, while others believe that it will be a lower-end device.

It seems that the iPhone 5se will be placed in between the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 5s in terms of its hierarchy where power and capabilities are concerned, but at the end of the day, do take this particular rumor with a pinch of salt until Apple actually reveals their official stand on the matter.

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