modified-youtube-isisWhile we have seen recreations happen in various video games before, such as GTA 5’s map recreated in Minecraft, at least someone has decided to take the brutal executions carried out by the barbaric ISIS group and recreated them in a war game known as Arma 3. The Youtuber behind this boasted that the handiwork was “hilarious” despite the underlying fact that those executions took place in real life and lives were lost.


The gamer made use of modifications in Arma 3 to recreate such chilling scenes, and in order to up the ante when it comes to increasing the shock factor, music that were used by the terrorist group ISIS and its flag were also part of the video. The gamer, at the very least, was polite enough to mention, “This is not a recruitment video, f*** off NSA pls don’t come find me IT’S A JOKE (or is it).”

However, some examining needs to be done if one were to probe deeper into the situation, as the video’s description mentioned that the footage is “hilarious”, while the user also mentioned that such recreated atrocities are “so funny”. What do you think? Is such a proclaimed parody by the YouTuber justification to do what he did?

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