jaq-1We are all about going green these days, as the world is fast running out of resources to cater to the greed of humanity. With more and more devices being used each day, power can be an issue – and to gain energy from sustainable or green sources is always a plus point in any books, which is why the JAQ portable fuel cell charger is an interesting proposition that road warriors and gadget lovers should consider if they have the intention to leave a planet that our descendants can breathe freely in.

Basically, the JAQ offers instant green energy regardless of where you are, and this is achieved simply by inserting the slim PowerCard that holds water and salt inside into the reusable charger. From there, just plug in whatever compatible thirsty device into the JAQ via a corresponding cable, and you’re good to go. It will be USB compatible with Android, Apple, and Windows-powered smartphones, tablets, and other USB 5V devices.

Each of these PowerCards will carry 1,800mAh of juice within, which is the equivalent of the average smartphone charge. A single use card is said to be able to discharge for up to 2 hours before it is used up. Don’t worry about safety unlike e-cigarette or vaporizer batteries, the PowerCard has been designed to comply with international air safety regulations.

The charger itself weighs 180 grams, while the PowerCard tips the scales at 40 grams. The business model for JAQ works differently since it will be tied in with your carrier, depending on your monthly subscription. Each country will only have one carrier to carry JAQ. For instance, if you top up your monthly subscription by $5.99 a month, you will get 5 PowerCards delivered to you monthly, and once you are done with those PowerCards, you can dispose of them as plastic, or return it to the carrier store for recycling and receive a rebate as well.

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