It was back at the Los Angeles Auto 2015 that Honda showcased the Clarity, it’s new fuel cell sedan, and earlier this year the company confirmed that the Clarity will be sold through selected dealers in the United States. If you’re of those people who are excited about the future of transportation and open to the idea of owning a fuel cell car then you’d be interested to find out that Honda has now started selling the Clarity fuel cell sedan.

Honda has started selling the Clarity to select customers in Japan, it hasn’t confirmed as yet when sales will begin in the United States, but that’s due to happen later this year. In the U.S., the fuel cell car will be sold through select dealers in Sacramento, LA, Orange Country and the Bay Area.

Powered by hydrogen, the Clarity provides a range of up to 460 miles on a tank of 70MPa compressed hydrogen. The only problem here is that hydrogen filling stations are very hard to find, at least with electric cars you know that you’ll be able to find an outlet to plug it in relatively easily.

Honda is aiming for a U.S. and Europe launch for the Clarity by the end of this year. It’s only going to be available through select dealers, customers will be able to lease the car through them for about $500 per month.

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