JetBlue_New_Interior_BWhen it comes to using WiFi on planes, what happens is that you will need to use your own device, like a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. However JetBlue has announced that will be changing as they are launching a fully connected in-seat experience, which the airline company claims is the first domestic airline to do so.


Basically instead of having to rely on your mobile device or a laptop to connect to the plane’s WiFi, JetBlue will connect its inflight entertainment system, as in the entertainment units you find at the back of every headrest. They are also promising gate to gate connectivity, meaning that you’ll remain connected during takeoff and landing.

Best of all, it seems like the inflight WiFi service will be free, with JetBlue promising speeds of 12-20Mbps per connected device. Whether or not they live up to their claims remains to be seen, but if you do fly JetBlue frequently, then this is a service you’ll want to look forward to. JetBlue will also be including new 10-inch displays and USB ports for every seat, thus allowing users to keep their devices connected and charged.

JetBlue will also be increasing the number of DirecTV channels from 30 up to 100, and with more than 300 on-demand films to choose from. That being said, don’t expect to find this in every JetBlue flight, at least not right away. The company says that their new system will require seat reconfigurations which are expected to begin this year and will be completed in 2019.

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