Sometimes your friend or family member says something to you on the phone that’s clever or funny, but the minute you hang up you forgot what it was that they said. Times like this makes you wish you could just record your conversations, right? The good news is that if call recording is something you might be interested in, then the JIC iPhone case could be worth checking out.


Short for “just in case”, the case will allow users to quickly record conversations by pressing a button on the case, as opposed to having to fumble about for an app in which the moment would have passed. It also doubles as a normal voice recorder, so you can take it with you to meetings, classes, or use it to record notes to yourself for ideas. There’s even a built-in microSD card slot to store your recordings.

It might sound like a great idea, but here’s the thing: the JIC case might be illegal. According to federal law, it says that you are allowed to record conversations as only one person needs to be aware of it, which in this case it would be you. However there are 12 states in the US in which both parties will need to consent to be recorded.

So what does this mean? This means that the case itself is completely legal, but your use of it might not necessarily be, depending on where you are. This also means that if you live in one of the 12 states and you plan to use the recordings as evidence, it would not fly unless the party is aware that they are being recorded.

That being said, the JIC case will be priced at $40 and is currently on Indiegogo seeking funding, so head on over if you’d like more details.

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