kodak_super8_1Before handycams, smartphones, and cameras that take video that rivals what we had back in the day, there was the Kodak Super 8. This was a classic film camera from back in the day and if you’re wondering why we’re talking about it today, it is because at CES 2016, Kodak has decided to bring the camera back.

Kodak has recently announced that they will reviving the Super 8 camera, except that this won’t be 100% the same device as it will sport some more modern features. It will also feature a new design that was created with industrial designer Yves Behar, as you can see in the concept rendering above.

Somehow despite it looking so retro, the clean lines and uncluttered body makes it feel right at home in 2016. According to Kodak, there will be multiple versions of the Super 8 that they are planning to launch. They will also be launching film development services where users can send in their Super 8 film for processing and where Kodak can and will create digital copies of it.

That being said in a modern era where many children are used to digital cameras, we’re not sure how well the new Super 8 will fit in, but for those looking to relive the good old days of the film camera, The Wall Street Journal Kodak plans on launching a limited edition version this fall for $450-$700, and a cheaper is expected in 2017.

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