Kodak, a company that many probably associate with cameras and film, announced earlier this month that they would be launching their own cryptocurrency which seems to be the trend these days. Naturally many were skeptical given that the company’s core business seems to be in photography.

However as it turns out, there have been quite a number of people who are interested in the KODAKCoin because in a post on its website (via DPreview), the company is claiming that there have been over 40,000 investors who have expressed their interest in the cryptocurrency, so much so that its launch could be delayed as Kodak will now have to individually review the status of each investor, a process that they expect could take several weeks.

Basically all investors who are interested in the KODAKCoin need to have an “accredited investor” status, which is a status that comes with certain minimum requirements in terms of their earnings. For those unfamiliar, KODAKCoin is a cryptocurrency that the company announced during CES 2018 which is aimed towards photographers.

Kodak at that time stated that the cryptocurrency will help photographers get paid for their works in a more fair and prompt manner. In addition to announcing the KODAKCoin, Kodak also announced their own bitcoin mining rig, which is actually a machine built by Spotlite who licensed the Kodak brand.

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