Instant print cameras don’t necessarily offer up the best features or controls or image quality as far as modern day cameras are concerned, but they do make up for it by being able to print photos on the spot, which can be fun if you’re looking to create souvenirs for guests at an event, or if you want to scrapbook.

There are quite a few instant print cameras out there from the likes of Polaroid and Fujifilm, but if you’re looking for some alternatives then you might be interested to learn that Kodak has announced its latest instant print camera in the form of the Kodak Printomatic. Like we said, instant print cameras don’t necessarily offer up the best features or controls, and the Printomatic doesn’t seem to be any different.

It will feature a 10MP sensor, built-in flash, a built-in lithium-ion battery, a couple of picture modes to choose from, a microSD card slot, and various indicators for battery, printer, and microSD status. It will also rely on the Kodak Zink Photo Paper which will be sold separately. The camera itself will be released later this month for $70 and will be bundled with a 10-pack of Zink Photo Paper. Additional packs, which are available in 20 and 50 options, will be sold separately.

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