iphone chemical burnSome of Apple’s critics might roll their eyes at how expensive iPhone and iPad related accessories are, and we have to admit that they are pretty expensive for what seems on the surface, to be similar to cheaper alternatives. However if you wanted a reason to buy an Apple certified accessory, here’s one.


According to a story from the Daily Mail (via Cult of Mac), a 9-year old girl was given a permanent iPhone-shaped scar no thanks to a leaky case bought from the brand New Look. Basically the case was designed to feature glitter sparkles, unicorn, and rainbow shapes encased in a liquid that allowed it to move around in a plastic backing on the back of the case.

Almost like a snow globe. However it seems that the protective casing burst open when she was asleep, and when the chemical transferred over onto her skin, it basically gave her a chemical burn in the shape of an iPhone (see the photo above). According to doctors, this is a particularly severe burn and she would be left with the scar for the rest of her life.

New Look on their part has acted swiftly and have since told stores to stop selling the case while they look into the issue. So like we said, sometimes you do pay more for Apple-certified accessories, but at the same time it does come with that peace of mind.

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