17_Thinkpad_13_Family_Shot[CES 2016] If there is a benefit to purchasing a Chrome OS laptop is that for the most part, they are pretty cheap. The only disadvantage is that unlike Windows where there are plenty more software options to choose from, Chrome OS feels more “basic”, but if you’re just a student looking to get assignments done, it should be more than enough.

That being said, Lenovo has recently announced the ThinkPad 13. This is a 13-inch laptop that users can choose between a Windows version and a Chrome OS version, the latter being the cheaper of the two. However apart from the choice in operating system, it seems that the hardware specs will remain the same.

This means that the ThinkPad 13 will come with configurable options of up to an Intel 6th gen Core i5 vPro processor with 16GB of DDR4 memory. Users can also opt to go for a maximum of 512GB of SSD storage, and like we said the choice between either Windows or Chrome OS.

Lenovo is also boasting that the ThinkPad 13 will feature mil-spec durability, so business users or students who are constantly moving about don’t have to worry about their laptop taking a bump or two. The Windows version of the ThinkPad 13 is priced at $449 and will be available in April 2016, while the Chrome OS model is priced starting at $399 and will be available June 2016.

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