lumia650-renderA report from last week hinted that the upcoming Lumia 650 could be announced as early as 1st of February. However a new report from Windows Central, who also broke the original report, claims that things might have changed, and that we could be looking at a delayed announcement instead.

The good news is that the delay isn’t particularly long and that it will still be announced in February, just that instead of 1st Feb, we could be looking at a mid-Feb announcement instead. Unfortunately their sources did not tell me when exactly in February we might expect the handset, so we guess we’ll need to keep an eye out for the date.

As to why the handset’s announcement was delayed, it seems that this has to do with the phone’s software. There were apparently some last minute issues discovered which led to Microsoft pushing back its release, so if that is true we guess we can’t really complain as no one likes a buggy device.

It has also been speculated that Microsoft might have delayed the announcement as they were planning on launching the phone and making it available at the same time, as opposed to keeping a gap. In any case since Microsoft hasn’t commented officially, we have no choice but to wait until February to see if the rumors pan out.

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