iran-summons-zuckWe’re sure by now you have seen the Iron Man movies, or at least seen some kind of sci-fi movie where humans interact with AI to help them accomplish tasks or to do mundane everyday activities. Now we’ve seen companies like Amazon try to come up with something similar with the Amazon Echo, but Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to take it one step further.

In a post on Facebook, Zuckerberg revealed that his challenge to himself for 2016 is to build an AI for his home, which he has likened to Jarvis from Iron Man where he can just speak out loud and get things done. For example he wants to be able to control his music, lights, temperature, and so on just by using his voice.

He also wants to make it smart enough where it can check up on his baby and let him know if anything is going on, like if she’s crying, when he’s not with her, like if he’s in the other room or if he is at work. Of course whether or not he is successful is a different story, but with his resources and a very talented team of engineers at Facebook, it may very well be a reality.

Of course not everyone is thrilled about the idea of AI. Big names in tech and science like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking have both warned about the potential dangers of AI, and how it could essentially spell the end of humanity.

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