There are countless online services that allow you to check your internet speed with just one click, it couldn’t be any easier, and even if you don’t know any service you simply need to type the words “speed test” in the search engine of your choice and you will have plenty of options. It looks like Microsoft doesn’t want you to go to another site to test the internet speed, it may add a speed test widget right inside the search results on Bing.

Over the past year, Microsoft has gradually added more and more features to Bing, it’s now capable of doing so much more than just return relevant results to your queries, abilities include directly looking up movie information and providing showtimes, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

A Bing user has posted screenshots on Twitter of what appears to be a speed test widget built right into Bing search results, apparently it comes up when searching for “speedtest” on Microsoft’s search engine, and allows users to perform a test without having to leave the search results.

It’s not live for everybody yet so Microsoft just might be running some tests on this widget before it decides whether or not it’s going to be a permanent fixture in search results for speed test services. It’s unclear if this is an extension of the company’s Network Speed Test app that’s available for PC or if it uses the infamous to run the actual test.

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