surface-pen-patentIt goes without saying that any new iteration of hardware would most definitely come with its fair share of improvements, and that is what has happened with the Microsoft Surface series, with the Surface Pro 4 being a surefire improvement compared to the Surface Pro 3, although it did not manage to achieve a huge jump when you think about it. Well, things continue to look up for Microsoft with one of the latest patent filings pointing to the very real possibility of the Surface Pen receiving upgrades in a future iteration.

The patent shows how there might be a couple of changes made to the Surface Pen, where the first would be the battery while the second involves the dock. The Surface Pen runs on AAAA batteries to date, which works perfectly as a single battery has mileage of up to a year before requiring a replacement, depending on your level of usage, but Microsoft might want to opt for a rechargeable battery in the Pen down the road.

In the patent, the stylus charger has been described as something that “may take the form of a dock that holds the stylus in a particular location during charging and/or while the stylus is not being used.” This means the dock would ensure the stylus remains in place magnetically when not in use, juicing it up via “charging circuits” that resembles rings, meaning it will function in the same manner as that of pogo pins. It remains to be seen just when such a patent will be made available in the real world.

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