Mio Global has launched a new fitness tracker called Mio Slice which does more or less what you would expect a fitness tracker to do, it’s capable of tracking steps, calories burned, heart rate, sleep and other metrics. However, the company says that this tracker does something special which will allow you to lead a healthier and longer life.

Instead of focusing more on the number of steps taken, like fitness trackers from the likes of Jawbone and Fitbit, do, Mio has come up with a new tracking metric that uses heart rate information to determine how the user’s body reacts to physical activity.

It’s called Personal Activity Intelligence or PAI and it’s based on Hunt Study which is a major health study in Norway which links activity levels to overall health and longevity. So instead of being a conventional 10,000 step goal PAI takes into account age, resting and maximum heart rate, gender to tailor the PAI score to the body’s response to exercise.

Mio Slice calculates the PAI score by analyzing the heart rate intensity over a rolling seven-day period, the Hunt Study has determined that keeping the score above 100 may increase the lifespan by up to ten years and even provide maximum protection from lifestyle diseases.

Even though Slice is the only Mio product right now that shows the score, those who own the company’s other products like Alpha 2 and Link can view their PAI score in the mobile app. More information about the Slice will be available later this week when the device is showcased at CES 2016.

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