iphone-6s-690x345So, you are definitely looking forward to picking up the next generation iPhone even though you are not quite sure just yet as to the kind of technology that this particular device would pack? Fret not, there will definitely be leaks here and there before the next generation iPhone hits the market, and here we are with at least one detail today – it seems that the upcoming iPhone (which might arrive with wireless earbuds) would also feature Li-Fi technology, which is a kind of technology that boasts of transfer speeds that are – get this, 100x faster than Wi-Fi.

Just how did we come about this bit of information? Apparently, recently discovered code in iOS points to the very real possibility that Apple could be exploring the feasibility of incorporating Li-Fi functionality within upcoming iPhone models. Li-Fi transmits data via light, and I suppose that one can categorize this as Wi-Fi on steroids if one were to take into consideration the speed of its data transfers.

So far, under controlled lab conditions, researchers were able to hit Li-Fi speeds of 224 gigabits per second, which makes it speedy enough to download multiple HD movies in under two seconds, now how about that? Of course, Li-Fi remains an experimental technology of sort at the moment, but with its code in iOS 9 found, things could certainly pick up for Li-Fi in iPhones down the road.

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