When it comes to the Nexus brand, there has been a fair number of hardware manufacturers in the past who have taken up the mantle, ranging from LG to Motorola as well as Huawei, and it seems that HTC of Taiwan will be responsible for upcoming pair of new Nexus handsets that will roll out some time later in 2016. Very little information has been revealed concerning the two handsets, where we do know that they will maintain both 5” and 5.5” display form factors. ROM developer @LlabTooFeR might have something a wee bit more to titillate our senses via a tweet, citing their respective names.

No surprise here that the 5” Nexus has been given the codename T50, whereas the 5.5” model will be known as the T55. It is rather obvious, don’t you think so, that the screen size of the respective upcoming Nexus devices happen to be a representation of each unit’s name?

HTC has had experience with the Nexus brand in the past (2010 to be exact), where the first Nexus device arrived during the heydays of HTC, although they did roll out the Nexus 9 tablet in 2014. Unfortunately, the alleged codenames were all that LlabTooFeR revealed, so it would be some time before any other additional information arrives.

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