facebook logoYou would think that with work and with children to juggle, parents would be too busy and/or too tired to spend time on social media platforms such as Facebook. This is versus non-parents such as those who are single or are in relationships where you have the luxury of choosing how you want to spend your time as there might be fewer commitments involved.

Interestingly enough that isn’t true, according to a recent study conducted by Facebook IQ, in which they found that parents actually spend more time on Facebook than non-parents. According to the study, “By observing behavior on Facebook, we see that parents over-index on mobile usage. In fact, parents globally spend 1.3X more time on Facebook mobile than non-parents.”

Note that this usage refers to the mobile version of Facebook, and not the web equivalent. So why is this, you wonder? The study notes that thanks to mobile devices becoming increasingly connected, parents rely on their phones and tablets to make purchasing decisions by seeking out price comparison and reviews.

They can also use their phones to search for information about parenthood, breastfeeding techniques, education, and so on, which presumably can be gleaned by joining groups on Facebook as well as reading links shared by other parents on the social network’s platform.

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