nintendo-logoIt seems like the rumors surrounding the Nintendo NX are starting to ramp up. Last we heard, it was suggested that the console could have some kind of link to smartphones, and that it could support 900p @ 60fps gameplay. Now according to a new report, it seems that there will be a portable version of the Nintendo NX.

According to the report from Macquarie Capital Securities in Japan, analysts claim that the Nintendo NX will be a two part device, meaning that one part is designed for handheld gaming, and the other will be for home gaming, but presumably it will all tie-in together since they are essentially the same platform.

The report goes on to add that the portable handheld version of the Nintendo NX was pegged for a launch in 2016, and that it might only be 2017 that we will see the home console version of the device. That being said we have to wonder what this means for Nintendo’s current 3DS lineup, especially if the NX is capable of handheld and home console gaming.

After all, wouldn’t players much prefer a unified system? Nintendo has been mum on details about the NX for a while now but we heard that a concept reveal could take place anywhere between March-May, so hopefully more details will surface in the coming months. Until then take it with a grain of salt.

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