samsung s pen caseAt the moment the only Samsung devices to come with an S Pen built into them would be the company’s series of Galaxy Note handsets and tablets. However what if one day Samsung were to make the S Pen more freely available to non-Note handsets as well? Turns out the company has something like that in mind.

According to a Samsung patent discovered in South Korea, it shows a smartphone case that comes with a compartment in which an S Pen can be stored. This seems to suggest that with this case, you could easily slip it onto another Samsung phone (or any Android phone for that matter) and have a stylus ready to go.

Right now one of the drawbacks to purchasing third-party styli is that they are separate from the phone, meaning that one can lose them pretty easily as there won’t be a proper way to store it. That being said, the S Pen is more than just a stylus for the Galaxy Note handsets. It increases the functionality of the device by introducing additional features and commands.

However with this case, it seems likely that this will most likely just end up being a stylus accessory, but still a pretty neat idea nonetheless. Unfortunately there’s no telling if and when Samsung will ever release such a case, but what do you guys think? Would you be on board with such an accessory from Samsung?

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