iPhone-6-review-5The TV looks to have lost its place in the big scheme of things – basically, the “idiot box” as it is referred to in certain circles, has long been the main medium of entertainment in billions of homes worldwide, where certain countries even offer hundreds of channels with a slew of different shows. However, it looks like the digital age and the Internet has changed the amount of screen time that the young folks spend in front of the TV, where a recent study claims that children happen to prefer spending more time in front of the computer compared to watching TV.

Thanks to research firm Childwise that has monitored child behavior actively since the mid-1990’s, they came to the conclusion that those aged 7 to 16 now spend three hours a day online – be it on mobile device or otherwise, as opposed to 2.1 hours in front of the telly – and this marks a decrease from three hours from 15 years back. Apart from that, those teens who are aged 15 to 16 spend even less time in front of the TV, where over 75% of them prefer to watch TV online via an on-demand service or through a catch-up service.

It looks like TV viewership is starting to drop then in the long run, although you can say that the sunset for TVs are still some ways off.

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