SpaceX has already been able to land a Falcon 9 rocket successfully  after it has completed its mission in space. The company has been working on resuable rockets for years in order to bring down the costs associated with space missions. It has proven that reusable rockets work and to further prove its point, it has successfully fired up the Falcon 9 rocket that made the successful landing after the last mission.

The folks at SpaceX have went through the procedure to fire up the rocket that has already made one trip to space. It did fire up however the team did note that there were some thrust fluctuations.

SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the fluctuations could be the result of some debris ingestion, otherwise, the engine data looked ok.

Even though this rocket is good enough to be sent up for another mission, SpaceX isn’t going to do that since it has sentimental value for the company, after all it is the first rocket that they were able to successfully land back on Earth after completing a mission.

SpaceX does have another launch planed for today, it’s another Falcon 9 rocket, and this time around the company is going to try again to land it on a floating barge in the sea. If everything goes according to plan the rocket will be launched on 1:42 pm ET this afternoon.

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