star wars battlefront robotIt’s probably not a coincidence that Star Wars Battlefront was released close to the date The Force Awakens was hitting the cinemas, and it looks like the Star Wars hype has certainly paid off because according to the numbers, it seems that Star Wars Battlefront has sold approximately 12 million copies in its first two months of release.

Like we said should this come as a surprise given the Star Wars hype leading up to the movie? Probably not, and the fact that the movie has received such favorable reviews along with the game probably helped build that hype and interest even further, despite the fact that Battlefront is not expected to get any kind of tie-in DLC with The Force Awakens.

So how much has the game made? Speaking to Fortune, analyst Michael Pachter said that at roughly $55 per copy, he expects that the game has managed to rake in a whopping $660 million. This isn’t as much as what the movie pulled, which was $1 billion in 12 days, but it is still pretty impressive and we wouldn’t be surprised if over the next few months it will pull in even more revenue.

Interestingly enough while these are big numbers, back in December GameStop executive Tony Bartel actually said that Battlefront’s November numbers weren’t actually up to their expectations. Based on that we have to wonder exactly how many copies were they expecting to be sold?

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